Deep Space Colony

Build your colony on one of the three planets in the galaxy, there to trade, but also build your fleets and to conquer the other 2 planets.

The principle :

After a tutorial that will help you understand the basic concepts of the game, you can embark on various activities, either with neighboring colonies on your planet, which are all your friends, or to conquer other planets, going attack enemy colonies.

The main actions are :
  • Trade in goods and ships.
  • Market speculation.
  • Mining, whose ore is the basis of all commercial productions.
  • The constitution of fleets of ships from which to attack the proposed missions or to attack the neighboring planets.
  • Conducting raids in stealth mode to plunder the ore and credits of enemy colonies.
  • Specialize you in cyber attacks and help friends fleets by hacking into the systems of opposing colonies.
  • Providing support and protection of friendly settlements and fleets in need.
  • Building Cyborgs fleets to defend or attack the Capitals.
  • Making Campaign and become Senator of your planet to manage the budget and the doctrines.
  • Explore the 2 other systems of the Galaxy to look for Asteroids and exploit them.
  • Looting the mining vessels in mission on the Asteroids.

Each week are organized Guerillas like a 'capture the flag' between planets bringing bonuses and rewards to the winning participants planet.

Housing Complex
Defence Base
Cyber Defence
General Warehouse

Communication Center
Production Plant
Research Center

Biomechanics Plant
Orbital Factory

Galactic Exploration
Galactic Exploration
Colony (3D)
Spaceport (3D)
Fights (3D)
Flight Simulator (3D)

Developed by Grajon