Centralizes espionage actions and the colony's supercomputer.
At level 10 a 100 PU bonus will be given, followed by 150 at level 15 and 200 at level 20.


Provide computing power, expressed in Processing Units (PU), necessary for supercomputer.


Teleportable spy robots. Also used by stealth fleets.

Communication Center

Allows connection to various services.


Satellites tuned for information from the various services.


Transmission relay for sending information to the various services.

General Store

General store.
Shopping list prices.

DSC Shop

Online sales.
Direct purchase and auction system.

Frontier Bank

Online bank.
For your credits and investments.

DSC Miner

Mining transportation.
Import / Export your ore.

DSC News

DSC Network headquarters.
The universal information system.

Deep Space Bazar

Gambling and various gifts.
Accessories for sale.

DSC Power Technologies

Energy consortium.
We market your energy.

DSC Stock Exchange

Online trading.
Purchases and sales of shares.

Intergalactic Parliament

Intergalactic management center.
Selling Patterns and Permits.

Planetary Senate

Planetary Government headquarter.
Internal management of your planet.

Tactical Information Center

Centralizes all information
from the combat zones.

Security Services

Maintain order and stability inside the Colonies.

DSC Food

Food Bank.
Together, let's make sure no one will be hungry.

Housing Complex

Place of life of all the settlers.


Each residential unit can house several families of settlers.


Increases your population. But also increases the joy of living here, because entertainment can be also a necessity ...

Power Plant

Provides energy needed for the various buildings of the colony.
At the 1st level 100 bonus energies will be offered.


Solar cells with high efficiency. They produce all the energy of the colony.


Supercapacitor capable of storing a quantity of energy. They thus increase the storage capacity of the Power Plant.

Mining Facilities

Allows the production of ore, base of all trade and indispensable element in any production.


Giant and autonomous excavators. Extract ore from the planet.


Ore transport from its point of extraction to the colony, and the colony to DSC Miner collection points. Each has a transport capacity of 2000 units for each type of ore.

General Warehouse

Allows to store all your properties. Waiting to be sold or used.


Single use and with a capacity that can be considered infinite, the material they contain is marked with a C.


Single use and with a capacity limited to 1 000 000 of units, the resources they contain are marked with a S.


Harbors the ships awaiting disposal and ensures their return refueling mission. Warning : If your Spaceport is over capacity, your fleets can not land or take off as appropriate.
At the 1st level a vourcher for 3 ships will be offered.

Orbital Park

Allows to store unused ships but which you want to keep whitout occuping docks in Spaceport.

Training Center

Allows you to train people in scientific and technical fields.
At the 1st level a researcher and 2 technicians will be offered.


Provide science education for researchers. The more you have, the less their education will take time...


Provide technical training for technicians. The more you have, the less their training will take time...

Research Center

The production of certain elements always requires a little research.
At the 1st level a laboratory will be offered.


Necessary to develop new technologies. The more you have, the less the research will take time...


Without these labs are useless. The more you have, the less the research will take time...

Production Plant

Transforms the ore and resources collected in units and tradable goods.


Workshops producing units and goods. Different Workshops can perform different tasks at the same time.


They provide production under the orders of technicians. The more you have, the less your production will take time...

Business Agency

Includes all countertops of the colony.


Enable the management of sales and purchases necessary to the colony.

Recycling Center

Lets dispense with the services of the waste while ensuring minimum waste recycling.


Refine and recycle waste while producing resources.


Increases the rate of recycling of waste and ore production.

Hydroponic Complex

Allows the making of the necessary food for the settlers.


They ensure the transformation of specific resources into food.

Biomechanics Plant

Permits the construction of troopers kind Cyborg useful in the defence and offense of the capitals.

Genetic Laboratories

Provide genetic manipulations of the biological part of your Cyborgs.

Cyborg Workshops

Provide integration of mechanical parts and armaments of your Cyborgs.


Allows the transport of your defensive troops of Cyborgs to the capital.

Orbital Lift

Allows the transport in orbit of heavy loads.

Orbital Factory

Assembly place of the necessary modules for the exploration of distant Galaxies.

Orbital Workshops

Workshops of assembly of orbital modules. Different Workshops can perform different tasks at the same time.

Orbital Robots

Provide handling under the orders of technicians. The more you have, the less your assemblies will take time...

Galactic Exploration Center

Control Center of galactic exploration missions.


Provide programming and liaison with the navigators of your automated ships.


Provide the processing of data collected by probes and during actions of your automated ships.

Cyber Defence

Active defence agency specializing in cyberterrorism and software optimization.


Provide the analysis necessary to counter the attacks of Hackers enemies and design optimizations.


Provide solutions software attacks against enemy colonies.

Defence Base

Center of anti-fleets defence of the entire colony.


Gun turrets of ground-air missiles.

BEM Generator

Electromagnetic particle accelerator generating a force field around the colony.


Functional units of the particle accelerator to increase its power.

Developed by Grajon