This glossary has been completely powered by some (French) players.
So, the word on the left column is voluntarily in its form used in French.
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aBEMEnable hack anti BEM
AFKAway From Keyboard, to be absent from the keyboard but stay connected
AMThe antimater, or AM, is the fuel used for interplanetary jumps
BDDDefense base, which has turrets (70 maximum)
BEMElectroMagnetic Shield, used to defend its colony
BlasonPlanet badge or Blazon, also called Flag, which one must strive to stole to attackable players each week
BrouillageAction to apply DSC Network jamming, which hides its next attack, which avoids the incursion of vultures in a train
CalimeroGeneric term that refers to players who are often complaining
Colonie ouverteColony that no longer has any defense
ContainerContainers are in the general warehouse and only store one type of resource at a time, their capacity is infinite
Couper le jusTo put an EnergyDownFail virus on a colony
CouvFleet of defense posed by yourself on your colony
CrasherTo destroy a fleet of its own will (or not) on a target
DécoTo be disconnected from the game
DescendreAction to send a fleet that was in orbit to the target colony
DivUTA form of virus that divides by 10 the PU reserve of the target colony. Lost PUs are forever
EDFVirus EnergyDownFail that sets the energy reserve of the targeted colony to zero for 12 hours
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival. Used during combat to know when a fleet will be on target and make an appointment
Etre dans le noirHaving an EnergyDownFail virus applied
ExoExotic ore, is said of any ore plundered by fufu or raid on another planet than his own
Faire le vautourEnjoy the opening of players from another planet
Faire un trainAttack one target to several, following each other, each attacker is a wagon
FlagPlanet badge, also called Blazon, which one must strive to stole to the attackable players each week
FlaguerAction to take a flag
FlagueurPlayer likely to take a flag during an attack
Flotte furtiveFleet composed exclusively of stealth ships, only such a fleet can make a furtive attack on a colony
FufuStealth fleet or stealth vessel
FufuterAction of doing a stealth fight
Full docksSpatioport can no longer receive new ships
Full exoIs a target in which one can fill its exotic ore cargo in one pass only
Guérilla"Capture the flag" interplanetary combat. The result is displayed at the Communication Center
IntercepterPutting a cover fleet on a friendly colony between two wagon of a train
JournalTraces of most DSC updates made by Grajon on a daily basis
MoucheUsually used in the expression "having a fly on oneself" ("avoir une mouche sur soi") or "posing a fly" ("poser une mouche"), ie putting a non-furtive fleet on the colony, so that there appears the signal of presence of enemy fleet
OrbiteWaiting zone before descending on a target (the fleet is thus not visible to the target), the supports are also in orbit and allow to sell the exo in the hold of the fleets and to repair them. Generally means a box on the map, without the notion of altitude
OuvreurPlayer with a large fleet (or not) who will first attack a colony so that others can pass
Ouvrir quelqu'unTo crash (or not) a fleet on a colony so that the following attackers can win the fight
ProxyfiedPlayer using a connection via a proxy, to potentially hide his identity and make multi-accounts (Forbidden)
Pxxx (P624)(Maximum) power of a fleet
P0Mission where to find debris and antimatter (AM) in addition to credits and ore, with zero power
RadinPlayer keeping his minig facilities and his credits at 0 preventing any taking of loot during stealth raids
ReRollPlayer with one or more other game accounts (Forbidden)
RemonterAction to return a fleet that was on a target colony to orbit
RenfortFleet of defense posed by one of your friends on your colony
SoléSolenoids, they strengthen the BEM (maximum 20)
SpoterPerform missions on planets
SpySpying on a colony
SupplierShip used to pick up waste and repair the colonies of your planet (except yours)
SupportShip to redeem the exo in the hold and to repair the fleets of your planet
TAFAll at flags
TaperTo attack
Tonton flagueurPlayer who has the possibility to take a flag, essential for the opening is useful
TrainSeveral fleets which attack one behind the others the same target colony
UAAstronomical Unit, distance measurement unit
UTProcess unit
VautourIs said of someone or a fleet that takes advantage of the attack of a colony made by another planet
WarpUnit of speed measurement of ships / fleets

Some hidden emoticons : Just type the corresponding text, the system automatically replace it.

51 or pastis
argh or arrgghh, ...
bebe or bébé
bisounours or bizounours
calimero or caliméro
covid or virus
coucou or hello
danse or dance
fessee or fessée
grr or rage
masque or mask
lol or mdr or ptr
trol or troll