The weather forecast is over 4 days, the grayed states are those of the past days.

- Solar flares mainly affect stealth attacks and espionage missions with a 3 chance that the stealth raid or spy fails. Solar flares can also disrupt shipping from 0 to 50% of the flight time.
- Thunderstorms cause a loss of 2 to 10% on the power of your attack fleets.
- The storms a power loss from 10 to 30%.

These effects are random and vary from one action to another, so storms and thunderstorms haven't a constant force...

Note :
The weather has no effect when you are in the rank of Recruit. For you it's always a beautiful clear day.
The weather has no effect on attacks of Capitale.

Weather clear : Nothing to report.
Magnetic storm : Your attacks may be disrupted.
Sidereal storm : We do not recommend any outgoing !
Solar flare : Big disturbances of your instruments to predict.

Tornadoes may appear, they have the effect of scattering anywhere on the map the fleets that are in their orbit, except those on the ground in your colony and those in protection or reinforcement of a colony.

A meteor rain can appear anywhere and on one planet at a time, but never two times consecutively on the same planet with a 10 chance to appear every hour and only if the previous is completed.

It may have a variable duration ranging from 15 to 59 minutes around.

Its action is to put 50% of their state all previously stationed fleets, going to park, doing a mission or any other action, without any notion of altitude. There is no direct damage to the colonies in this orbit, only fleets are impacted.

You can see on the panel Informations of DSC News of the Communication Center where and when was the last meteor rain.

It can appear one or more comets on the map of the solar system.
Their system crossing time is approximately 3 hours, period of time during which you can send your combat fleets, to find some resources.
You'll get there sooner and larger will be the booty, but know that your fleets will not get out unscathed, and they will be ejected when loading will be done, without knowing where this will be done...
You cannot have more than 3 fleets in flight to the same comet.

Developed by Grajon