Deep Space Colony


Messaging and chat window

Do not yell (write in capitals).
Jeers and insults are prohibited.
No repeat posts (flood).
Do not use SMS language.
Advertising, without prior permission, is prohibited.
All words, nickname or name with Pornographic, Racist, Homophobic, Sexist or Politics contents are prohibited.
No provocations or other misconduct.

Failure to follow these rules, depending on their severity, you will mute for a while or may result in your banishment.

Game in general

The use of script or macro is forbidden whatever its use.
Any bugs should be reported via the Contact section or via the Forum / Support.
Any bug should not be disclosed by private message or discussion on chat rooms.
The multi accounts is tolerated under specific conditions, but must be requested in advance.

Any attempt to cheat, or "bug using" without having reported, will be sanctioned by an immediate ban.

Developed by Grajon